Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Second Life Fashion, Second Life Clothing from a Designers Point of View

   Hello and a Happy Holiday to all my pixel based buddies and friends and as well any fans I have met along the way !  So do I have many fans ? Not as many as I do with my male avatar, but in all respects and the reality that Elliana Inkpen is actually me a male could be the reason behind lack of followers and real friends.  I also basically use Elliana for my modeling and design ideas and for photography in second life,  as well for the template building and creating clothing for female avatars. Since first off making promotional and advertising content via model avatars can become time consuming and as well somewhere along the way ... Even if Badabong Bigbear is snapping the pics with Elli posing as the model.... well its always easier then being the model and the photographer at the same time ...   Yes though I can run multiple viewers with multiple apps and programs, it is still easier to have the multiple second life viewers.   My method and workflow being that I set model avatar up and turn the models graphics way down detach all but the posing and clothing huds needed. Now I will log in as the photographer with either the Phoenix, Nirans or the Exodus viewer with most graphics turned up very high  and then depending on whether in a studio or in public on a sim i will adjust the wind light settings and any other graphic settings needed ... but Important info that needs to be read !  ( Second life is a very graphics and resource intense application and program, and some computers just cannot handle it ... even more so tablets and older computers do not have the graphics capabilities, so if you are doing graphics and fashion work in second life then you need a system that can handle it. This means a quad core system, a good nvidia graphics card preferably a card that is specifically made for graphics and videos which is not just a game card but rather a scientific based graphics card such one of the quadro cards ... as a heads up nvidia quadro cards often start at over $250 and the one I have cost about $650 USD alone for the graphics card.  Last but not least dual monitors may also help as well. For Elliana Inkpens Avatar images this is the set up I use and also sometimes log in with and alternate laptop or desktop that is not as big and bad as the one being used for the taking the snapshots themselves .... So normally this is a Photography and Fashion blog though I thought I should explain my tech side for this process. So this all being told this week have worked on getting clothing and other items for the mesh deformers of mesh body parts. My first bitch as of this is that with the huds and color picking you can not just type in a the rbg cordinates ... there should be a chat function for the scripts and huds that allows this and I am talking on all of the mesh breasts ... Lush, Lolas Tangos and as well the Puffy breast add ons are all the same in this respect ... so if u have a skin that does not come with appliers you are stuck adjusting all these rgb settings one click at a time and still at that point it is not easy ....

    One last tip before I go, if you do have the mesh add ons and yours do not have a applier ... then to get and almost exact match first take a snap shot of you in the skin with the breasts on as well, then open the picture in gimp or another paint and photo program that allows you to use a color picker, and click with the picker right at where the mesh meets the skin color on the skin its self, look at the rgb values then and match those  starting with a pure white hue .... from there you should be able to get the closest you will ever get with out and applier for your actual skin.