Thursday, November 28, 2013

Latex Outfit Second Life Fashion Photograpy inventory in store work

inventory in store work by Bigbear-Inkpen
inventory in store work, a photo by Bigbear-Inkpen on Flickr.
I am always taking more fashion Photograpsh in Second Life I will be adding and updating them right to my Blogger accounts and to my FB page located here as well

This is and outfit that is listed in Elliana's Second Life store under the womens fashion line of clothing that is called Sex Kitties Clothing. I will be setting up a share vendor and affiliate system and all you have to do is rez one of our vendors and or all of them in your store or business. The Sex Kitties brand and line of clothing is made up of rigged and skinned clothing in many many styles that includes Latex, Vinyls and many other materials with realistic and hand painted designs. Also in the near future I will release a full permission resellers version of customizable mesh items. All designs are developed via Badabong Bigbear and Elliana Inkpen as well many other top designers in Second Life. Please visit our store located at

This is our in world store, you must use the a second life viewer or other vrml viewer/browser to navigate in world.

Via Flickr:
so much in just inventory makes this a hellachore

Taken at Bigbear Design - Mesh and Prim Design and Art Gallery, Tegueste (217, 166, 22)