Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mesh breasts in Second Life from Lush, Lolas Tangos and Puffy about Mesh Breast Applliers

Hello well my last post about mesh breasts was spur of the moment but for this one I have done the research needed for a better explanation about them and the appliers for Lolas Tangos, Lush mesh breasts and the better shaped Puffy mesh breasts. So to start I commented that they need a color picker ... well on the lush they have the hud which allows for you to actually type in the color values but the hue saturation and Luminance are tied to this so to start make sure with the lush mesh breasts you are using the shader version of breasts not the color shaded. For the lolas well I had a skin with and applier so I have not used the color matching on my model Elliana Inkpen ... I used a wow skin and it looked best with the wet look shading and textures.  So anyway as we move along I will be adding the appliers to the clothes in our stores as well. My store blog is located here   and as well our design blog here  use these to keep updated on our progress as well even stores and building in other virtual worlds other then second life.

      Appliers for these mesh breasts like the lush for example are somewhat simple to use can be both scripts and huds and well work great for the clothing but may have some issues with a nude look. The main issues are matching the mesh breasts whether they are Lush, Puffy or Lolas Tangos to your avatars skin.  The best solution I can think of is that all maker that support them submit to the breast makers there base colors for the skins they make and then the makers of the breasts can either add them to there huds or and alternate hud. Many of the skin creators are charging extra for a applier yet many clothes manufactures are charging less and this is more work for both parties so that should be expected.  If you need new boobies in real life you will have to pay the plastic surgeon so here in second life you are just paying the mesh and texture artists .... All of this takes hours of work to supply your avatars with a more natural bouncing chest.  Also if you have a mesh outfit then the appliers will not work unless it specifically states so, I am looking into a solution and a even better way to to make bouncing realistic tops in second life and this year I think I will have the answer.  But this is a lot of work and the ideas could be endless.  All in all the mesh breasts, mesh butts and other body parts do not mix with mesh clothes. So back to mesh breast appliers, because I am still experimenting and this all started with having to create the mesh breast appliers for the clothing carried in our stores and the fact I am a 3d artist that has dealt with mesh a long time, I have to tell you in a game world you would not have the breast under the clothing at all, as extra mesh is avoided at all costs seeing you will use the resources of the gamers machines in other places.

     Yes there are deformers in programs like poser or Daz and even at times maybe in 3ds max or maya though normally not.  This being said, there are some solutions such as the huds and scripts in second life but in real world 3d these are avoided and not even used.  So back to second life where people have mesh breasts ... So far I have decided that of these mesh breasts the easier to use are the Puffy and the Lush as both have full documentation English and as well are the most realistic looking yet the Lolas I can say men will like with the oil applied !  The problem with the Lolas Tangos is that the shape is off. If I posted a woman with breasts shaped like that that I had created I would get all the women on my FB and Google + lists telling me to go back to school for anatomy .... I am not the best digital sculptor but hey I know those are a bit funny in shape.  But there are some other Lolas that are better shaped , problem being not as many retailers carry the appliers.  Here again you need to understand that each applier is more work from the Fashion photos on the walls of the store to the actual packaging, checking the avatar with the textures applied and the whole marketing concepts and ideas. So that is why the appliers should be greatly appreciated , as well they cost money from both the skin makers and the clothing makers and did I mention these things must be done for each piece of clothing !  So due to the fact that all this is important as well there is much more I will tell all you ladies and clothing developers as well, I will make this a multi part series so join me again tomorrow same Elliana Inkpen sl time, same Elliana Inkpen second life fashion blogger time!